InCoRM has been solicited recently by journalists and students requesting information about the relationship of InCoRM to the commercial art market.

These questions arose from internet articles that confuse the boundaries and responsibilities of art historians and art dealers. The resulting misrepresentation of InCoRM’s activities has given rise to a fallacy because InCoRM is interested solely in art history.

So to correct, InCoRM is setting out below a clarification:

1.  QUESTION – Who were the original members of InCoRM?

     ANSWER – The members of InCoRM were the recognised art historians specialised on various artists of the Russian Avant-Garde and chosen for their authority and  knowledge.

2.  QUESTION – Were InCoRM members hired to authenticate fake paintings?

     ANSWER – No. InCoRM historians and scientists make up a chamber of scholars and good minds whose only interest is the history of the art object, and to express their opinions in written Expertises.

3. QUESTION – Did or do the art historian members of InCoRM give certificates of authenticity on works of art?

     ANSWER – Members of InCoRM do not, nor have they, delivered certificates of authenticity. Their work is exclusively what is appropriate to art historical studies of works of art and express personal opinions only as Expertises..

4. QUESTION – What is the difference between a certificate of authenticity and an Expertise?

     ANSWER – A certificate of authenticity is a stamp of approval so that a work of art can be sold . An Expertise is an art historical study of a work of art. It would support the authenticity of a work of art, or not, contributing to knowledge about the work.

5. QUESTION – Did or do the art historian members of InCoRM give their opinions in the name of InCoRM?

     ANSWER – No, InCoRM does not give certificates of authenticity for works of art. The opinions of the art historian members of InCoRM are given in their own name alone.

6.  QUESTION – Are or were InCoRM members associated with the art market in any way?

     ANSWER – No.

7.  QUESTION – So did the art historians profit from art sales?

     ANSWER – No. And they do not take commissions from sales or any other commission. That is the role of the art dealer, not the art historian.

8.  QUESTION – What is the aim of InCoRM?

     ANSWER – The aim of InCoRM is to bring knowledge about art works by painters of the Russian Avant-Garde. It is an association of art historians engaged in research, and the members abide by its CODE OF GOOD PRACTICE and have no conflicts of interest whatsoever.

InCoRM is not a financial enterprise and it and its members have never profited from art sales as a result of its activities. InCoRM is a non-profit organisation and always has been. The task of its art historian members is to look for the truth, not to get money from the truth or, indeed, to misrepresent the truth in any way.

InCoRM, 14 November 2021

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