Andréi Nakov Loses Moral Rights Over Alexandra Exter

The Cours d’Appel de Paris / Appeal Court in Paris ruled on 25 June 2013 (Order 12/21691) that the Alexandra Exter Association and its President, Andréi Nakov, would not hold the moral rights to Alexandra Exter. The order was made in favour of the plaintiff, Igor Toporovsky, of Brussels, who had loaned several of his canvases to the exhibition, ALEXANDRA EXTER, held in the Chateau Musée in the city of Tours, January-March 2009. The order states that Mr Nakov had originally obtained the moral right over the art of Alexandra Exter “in a fraudulent manner” and that as a result the court ordered that the Alexandra Exter Association and its President, Mr Nakov, to each pay 5,000 euros to Mr Toporovsky as well as all court costs. In addition, a decision of the court in Tours on 10 June 2013 officially recognised the authenticity of Mr Toporovsky’s paintings, together with their provenances, and ordered their restitution to the collector.

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