Accusations of “Fake”

InCoRM has just learned from a private collector in Germany that the withdrawal of his works from two of the June sales was provoked by the contact to the German police and telephone calls to the auction houses of a certain “London gallerist”, an art dealer who has been identified as James B., claiming that “the works are fake”. When asked by the auction houses if he had seen the works, James B. is reported to have said, “No, I’ve seen just the photographs in your catalogue”. When told that the works had expertises by reputed scientists and art historians, James B. is said to have replied. “All the experts are criminals”. He is reported to have added, “I am the authority [on the Russian Avant-Garde] in London”. The police subsequently wrote to the collector in which it was expressly stated that a “London gallerist” had “given information” to them on 12 June 2013 who claimed that the works were “fake”. In order to determine whether the works were fakes, the police said, they were requesting of the collector supporting documents including provenance, when and where the works had been acquired, and expert reports. The collector told InCoRM that he has all the documentation requested by the police in support of his works of art.

Admin. 25 June 2013

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