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  • As an average mean, 82.7% of the entries reading “Private Collection” in D. Bazetoux, Goncharova Catalogue Raisonné, record traceable provenances – the artist’s studio, previous collections, exhibitions, auction house sales, etc.
  • Daniel Wildenstein personally provided Denise Bazetoux with photographs of over 20 works by Goncharova for her Catalogue Raisonné of Natalia Goncharova, whose provenance he insisted should read “Private Collection”.
  • François Daulte, Executor of the Estate of A. Tomilina-Larionov, told Denise Bazetoux that he had over 800 photographs of works by Natalia Goncharova in his possession in the mid-1990s. Many of these works have found their way to the art market in recent years.
  • The co-author of the ARTnews article of June 2011 is Konstantin Akinsha, friend and advisor to Peter Aven.
  • “Scientific analyses”, declared Peter Aven at the end of the ARTnews article, will be the deciding factor on authenticity on the basis of which “’appropriate action will be taken’. Aven declined to elaborate”. Private collectors in the West are generally very careful to obtain “thorough scientific analyses” for their works and these already exist for many works reproduced in the two books whose provenance may be named or given as “Private Collection”.
  • Several Moscow and London collectors in contact with Peter Aven have reported that the provenance of most of the Russian collector’s works by Natalia Goncharova is Daniel Wildenstein, who acquired them from the estate of François Daulte, the Executor of the Tomilina-Larionov Estate, which came from the apartment and warehouse depository of A. Tomilina-Larionov and were among the works that she had bequeathed to the Soviet State.
  • The Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow, has consistently and repeatedly denied access to the Goncharova archives – even to today – to both Russian and foreign researchers. See “The Strange, Illegal Journey of the Larionov-Goncharova Archives,  ARTnews, March 1997.
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